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A portable dog raincoat,has different size for various kinds of dogs.Available in 2 colors:Red,Blue.It's material is environmental friendly and easy to clean.It is convenient for dogs to go out even on a rainy day.It's full covered design is an effective prevention of dogs getting wet and catching a cold.Very convenient!

Products Details

Product Details  Dog raincoat is made of waterproof materials.It rains a lot in summer and rains at intervals.It is quite difficult for pet owners.Because dogs not only go out everyday to relax but also have to deal withdefecation and urination outside.So,to satisfy the wish that dogs can go out on rainy days,pet owners prepares all kinds of raincoats for pets,some of them are really funny. 1.Cover up legs raincoat Advantage of cover up legs raincoat:this type raincoat can covers most parts of dogs,can maximum prevents dogs getting wet. Because most owners use towels dry their dogs off seventy or eighty percent after taking them out.However,such an approach is very detrimental to dogs health.No to mention if dogs will getting cold,this approach also increased the risk of dogs develop skin disease. Disadvantage of cover up legs raincoat:this type raincoat most has a tight bottom of a trouser leg.So the first time wearing may be not very comfortable for dogs and a little awkward to walk.But this will be better after they get used to. 2.Cape type raincoat Advantage of cape type raincoat:convenient to wear,dogs are easy to adapt. Disadvantage of cape type raincoat:stomach and limbs are exposed,easy ger wet with rain.Besides,when caught in a heavy wind from behind,raincoat is easy to be blow up,this also increased the chance of getting wet. According to the benefits and disadvantages of two type raincoat:nevertheless recommends cover up legs type,though dogs will be unadapted from the beginning.Just give them a bit of time,they always get used to.

Description Features

1. The dog raincoat with hood is very lightweight, it is not load for the dog. 2.On the hood and on the back there are reflective stripes, then it is safe when the dog runs in the dark with the dog raincoat with harness hole. 3.The mesh lining is breathable, the dog will feel comfortable. 4.The dog raincoats waterproof is made of durable fabric,it is folding and portable.

How To Use

It can wipe the surface of the rain jacket with a damp cloth. If the dog jacket is very dirty, it is machine washable. Please use gentle wash in cold water and hang dry. vd


Color: Blue / Red Material: Waterproof ultra-light polyester Size: 3XL: 19in*24in*17in (length * chest * neck) 4XL: 23in*30in*21in (length * chest * neck) 5XL: 27in*36in*23in (length * chest * neck) 3XL: 50cm*61cm*45cm (length * chest * neck) 4XL: 60cm*78cm*55cm (length * chest * neck) 5XL: 70cm*92cm*59cm (length * chest * neck) Product weight: 200g / 0.44lb Payment &delivery Port :  Nanjingi/Ningbo Lead time :  1-15 days or so       Product Label Dog raincoat that can be wiped with a wet cloth,Blue waterproof ultralight pet polyester raincoat,Red waterproof ultralight pet polyester raincoat,Manufacturer wholesale machine washable raincoat,Supplier of pet raincoat,Small breed dog raincoat,Large breed dog raincoat,Goldens raincoat,Outdoor full covered large breed dog raincoat,Medium-sized pet raincoat poncho,Large breed pet raincoat poncho,3X-large pet raincoat,4X-large pet raincoat,5X-large pet raincoat. 1. In addition, we will continue to update our products periodically to continue to pay attention to the latest developments related to dogs and provide healthy products for your dogs. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. 2. For over 10 years, we have supplied hundreds of pet products, providing ample supply for pet buyers in various countries around the world. We design products to pay attention to both the physical and mental health of pets. We pay attention to the latest pet health News, and will continue to update pet products periodically. If you want any help, please contact us. 3. From pet toys to pet clean tools, We provide all the products you need in a brand - IHOME. IHOME is a team focusing on passionate and improvement. Our teammates are all dog lovers, and keep a passion on keeping dogs. We keep dogs in office to help us to test new products and sometimes they become our inspiration for designing new products, that's why we can accurately provide pet owners with the pet supplies they need. 4. At IHOME we pride ourselves on our high level of customer care. From the moment you visit our page to the order has been delivered, we offer a one-one service to give you personalised advise and service. And we promise that all the question could be answered in 24 hours. For any question, don't hesitate to contact us. 5. IHOME is aimed to provide some special items to suit all needs of the dog lovers. All the items in the page have been specially chosen for their functionality, comfort, style, safety and of course quality. Besides, we are planning to update them periodly to make them more comfortable and make you enjoy life with happy, healthy, energetic dogs. 6. From sleeping appliances to outdoor entertainment items, IHOME is committed to providing pets with a comprehensive range of products both in physical needs and psychological needs, helpping pets to enjoy a comfortable, happy, healthy, and energetic lifestyle. 7. IHOME team members are like family menbers, including the office dogs. We try to simulate the daily life of real owners and their pets, to observe the needs of the dogs in any situation, and try our best to satisfy them. We produce products that for dogs to use when the owner is together, but also when the owner is not at home. We try our best to meet the psychological and physical needs of dogs in any situation. If you can not find the product you need out in our product list, you can contact us at any time and your answer will be answered in 24 hours. 8. IHOME's Mission It is our mission to meet the mental need and the physical need of pets, make your pet healthy, happy, and full of energy. We believe that your pet is as important as your family menber! IHOME's Vision Love for dogs is in our blood. We view pets as member of any family thus we strive to fulfill their needs.

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