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The Super Absorbent Pet Bath Towel is made of soft chenille, which is comfortable to the touch and has strong water absorption, which is 7 times that of ordinary pet towels. The super absorbent fabric can quickly dry your pet's hair or body.

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A super absorbent towel is made of chenille, and the surface with thick thread increases the contact surface. The characteristic of the chenille material is that it can absorb 7 times its own weight of water, so even large dogs can dry at full speed, no longer afraid that pets will become wet.   91MpkpuiVpL._AC_SL1500_ The back of the towel is designed as a half-glove type, which is convenient for the owner to use and can effectively clean the hair. Ears, paws, and abdomen can be cleaned more easily, without changing back to repeated wiping, and quickly absorb the moisture of pet hair. The edge is provided with two elastic hanging ears, which can be hung on the shelf when not in use at ordinary times. Double-sided strong water absorption, natural fiber, will not fade or dye. Quickly collect dirt between pet hair. Fine knitting method, no loop, no thread drop. Fine distribution, soft and skin-friendly.Give your pets gentle care!  

Super soft, make your pet warm and comfortable. Skin-friendly and odor-free. Provide better drying and cleaning solutions for pets. Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly Machine washable and easy to spin dry.Durable-use the washing machine to gently spin and hang to dry, easy to clean.   In addition to absorbing excess water from the pet's body, it can also be used as a pet blanket and quilt. Because the thick material can keep warm. Bath towels can be placed in the car as a cushion to prevent the dog from scratching the car mat, and can also absorb the hair that the dog has fallen off, reducing the pressure of housework.



Color: Blue/Pink/Coffe/Grey/Green Material: 80%Chenille Fabric+20%Cotton Size: 35cm*57cm / 13.77in*22.44in Product weight: 320g / 0.7lb    

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