Special Purpose K9 Teams Trained to Detect Beyond Explosives and Narcotics" Constellis offers K9 detection services for a wide range of purposes. Their specially trained K9 teams can detect specific items such as mobile phones and toxic mold, and not just limited to traditional explosives and narcotics. Their expertise includes new applications, making it easy for them to locate the notoriously difficult-to-track mobile phones that are often smuggled into various places.

2023-04-12 23:33:09 By : Ms. Ellen Chen
Special purpose K9 teams from Constellis are highly trained to detect a wide range of items beyond explosives and narcotics. These teams are critical in ensuring safety and security in different environments, including residential and commercial properties, transportation systems, and public events. Special purpose K9 units are increasingly in demand due to their unique skills, which include the detection of items like mobile phones and toxic mold.

Mobile phones are increasingly being used in illicit activities, making their detection critical in various scenarios. Traditional detection methods like scanners and metal detectors may not be effective in detecting such devices as they are often well hidden. However, Constellis's special purpose K9 teams are trained to detect mobile phones and other electronic devices rapidly. With their keen senses, the dogs can easily locate mobile phones, even in difficult-to-reach locations.
Special Purpose K9 - Constellis

The use of K9 teams in detecting mobile phones has become more critical in recent times due to their popularity among criminals. For instance, prisoners have been known to smuggle phones into correctional facilities, creating multiple security risks. Detecting such phones can help reduce the potential for illegal activities in correctional facilities, including the sale of contraband goods and drug trafficking.

Besides mobile phones, K9 teams can also detect toxic mold, which is a critical health hazard in both residential and commercial properties. Mold can cause serious health problems like respiratory illnesses, severe headaches, and fatigue. Early detection and remediation of mold can prevent its spread, thereby protecting the health of occupants.

Constellis special purpose K9 teams also provide safe, comfortable space for the dogs in the form of large dog beds. These beds are specifically designed for the dogs and can comfortably accommodate the larger breeds. The dogs are an integral part of the Constellis team, and providing them with a comfortable space is essential, as it ensures they are well-rested and ready for their duties.

In conclusion, the use of special purpose K9 teams, like those from Constellis, is increasingly critical in ensuring safety and security in various environments. These teams are specially trained to detect a wide range of items, necessitating the need for regular training and updates. As crime evolves, so do the detection methods, and special purpose K9 teams remain at the forefront of ensuring safety and security through their unique skills.